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April 05, 2016


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Outstanding Watts! Excited to hear the great news! How to keep your dukes up!

Jim Watson

Thanks Mike - the results of a combined effort between strong support, positive thinking and modern meds!

Tracey Robbins

Such great news - made my day! Your positive outlook is fantastic and key to beating this disease Jim!! Sending love and prayers to you MA and the kids!

Phil Holton

Great news Jimmy! Peace and prayers for you and family.


You, MA, Shea and Jimmy deserve this wonderful, illogical, inspiring news. Continue to ROCK ON!

Jim Watson

Thanks Kathi - we are truly enjoying the news!!! I think the BD keg party in the garage was the final straw for the tumors.

Jim Watson

Thank you Phil - Peace, Prayers, Molusks and Ceritinib have proven to be the right combination in slaying the evil tumor. Appreciate it all,

Jim Watson

Thank you Tracey!
Appreciate the love, prayers and thoughts for the family. Best to you, Dave and yours.


I never thought I'd ever say this about one of your damn blog posts-- but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Thanks for being the greatest Dad in the world, and fighting harder than anyone I've ever met. This is such good news and I can only hope it is an indication of what's to come. Love you Daddy!

Jim Watson

Love you too, Pug! Thanks for all the support. (And perhaps your liking this blog post is also an indication of what's to come!)

Love you!!!

Corinne Catalano

So thrilled to hear this amazing news. Your blog is really inspirational. The new drug and your positive attitude are really potent.

Jim Watson

Thanks Corrine - I appreciate your comment, and glad you're enjoying the blog. Support of friends and family have been right up there with potency of the chemo drug!
Thanks again, and regards to Tony.

Tom Newman

That's Great new Watts! We are thinking of you always. Go Sox!

Love the Newman's


Thanks for sharing

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