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February 22, 2016


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Tracey Robbins

Sending good karma your way Jim. Your positive attitude is inspiration to so many!

Jim Watson

Thanks Tracey - much appreciated, and keep that karma coming!

Best regards,

Tom Newman

Hi Watts--Appreciate update and thinking of you as always!

Charles Beliveau

Go get em Watts, All the best. Chuck

Jim Watson

Thanks Tommy - appreciate the thoughts.


Jim Watson

Thank you Chuck - it's a battle out here, but the enthusiastic support is a damn powerful drug - much appreciated!!!



Your thoughts and perspective is inspirational on so many levels!! xxoo

Mike Blankinship

Hey Watts; thanks for the update and know the the Left Coast is pulling for you!

Michael Kaplan

WOW! Watts you are truly an inspiration! Very well written, really 'touched home'. Only part I can't identify with is 'worry as a trigger", as in studying, I never worried (and I never studied)! My thoughts are with you. Kaps

Jim Watson

Thanks for the California Karma, Mike. That's good stuff, and everything helps.

Best regards,

Jim Watson

Mike Kaplan,

I don't dispute your denial of the worry trigger re: studying. Thanks for the positive thoughts, and take a few positive runs for me, will you?

Thanks much!!!


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